Unnumbered Sparks is a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky presented at the 2014 TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada. 

The sculpture spanned 745 feet between buildings in downtown Vancouver, Canada from March 15-22, 2014. At night, it came alive with illumination. Visitors with smartphones and tablets were able to paint vibrant beams of light across the sculpture at a remarkable scale: small movements on their phones became hundred foot long trails evolving and combining with fellow participants.

Working as a designer of Data Arts Team at Google Creative Lab, I created beautiful user experience that allows hundreds of visitors to simultaneously draw lines of light on the sculpture using their mobile devices.

Creative Director: Aaron Koblin
Designer: Doug Fritz, Aleksandar Rodic, Jono Brandel, Max Hawkins, Chris Delbuck, Hyun Ji Bae
Producers: Sabah Kosoy, Valdean Klump, Jenny Ramaswamy, Clem Wright

Produced at Data Arts Team of Google's Creative Lab

Initial explorations of data visualization on how visitors can interact each other.